Our Ethos

To make beautiful products that respect the planet.

All our products are designed carefully: we plan, consider, make and test many times before a product reaches the shelves of our shop. We would never sell something we aren’t delighted with, and to make it that way, we try our best to use the most natural, sustainable resources in all our products.

For our soaps, we only ever make soap in the traditional way, using beautiful oils and butters that nurture and protect your skin. Each bar is handmade in small batches, so each and every bar is unique. Our soaps contain the natural glycerine produced during saponification (the process of making soap from oils and lye), so they are naturally moisturising and gentle on your skin. Our soaps are fragranced using pure natural essential oils, or in the case of our Allergen-free range, using allergen-free fragrance oils. Any colour that we put into our soaps is natural, often plant based, or are substances that are found in nature, such as oxides and ultramarines, which have been manufactured to ensure purity. And rest assured, we have never, and will never, use palm oil in any of our products. This was a decision we made right at the start of our journey and we have never looked back.

Our candles are made using rapeseed wax. We chose this wax because it is a natural wax (unlike paraffin wax) and is more sustainable than other natural waxes such as soya wax. It is clean-burning and is produced in Europe, so it doesn’t have to travel very far to reach us! It’s not the easiest wax to work with, but we felt it was worth the extra effort to have a really eco-friendly base with which to make our beautiful candles. They bring us great joy, and we hope they will do the same for you.


How we started

We are a very small business, based in the Broadway, the ‘jewel of the Cotswolds’. We started making soap when we had our first child. Like many people we wanted to reduce the number of synthetic chemicals we were exposed to, and for us this meant looking into more ‘natural’ products. This in turn lead to an interest in the cold-process method of making soap, which is the traditional way everyone would have made their own soap before commercial soap was widely available. Making lovely soap in the traditional way using natural ingredients became a passion, and then a business. We love what we do, and we are very proud of what we create, we hope you like our products too.


We adhere to all applicable EU regulations, and have all the necessary UK certification.

Lansdowne Originals Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales
Company number: 8530812.
Registered address: Lansdowne, WR12 7DE, UK.